Lactation Support - CHI Health, Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

Mom and BabyThe time you spend breastfeeding is important to you and your baby.  We want to set you and your baby up for a successful breastfeeding experience!

CHI Health nursing staff have been educated to assist you with breastfeeding.  Our goal is to help you establish breastfeeding during your stay with us.  Your nurses will visit with you multiple times during your stay to answer questions and provide any help that is needed with breastfeeding.  At Alegent Creighton Health, we offer facts, practical advice, up-to-date techniques, and ongoing support and encouragement for you and your infant.

Our staff is composed of nurses, lactation counselors, and lactation consultants.  If you have a unique or special circumstance, a Lactation Consultant/Lactation Counselor will meet with you during your stay.  They can be helpful with unique latching difficulties, painful nursing, low milk production, etc.  You may also set up a private pay appointment with the lactation consultants after discharge to address any further needs.

We encourage attending our breastfeeding support groups for additional encouragement, advice, and assistance after you have been discharged.  These are small groups that are lead by a Lactation Consultant/Lactation Counselor within the hospital. 

For more information or to speak to a breastfeeding specialist, call 402-398-6095.